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Brand searches for India and outside India are conducted for verbal marks, numbers, labels and device brands. Research requires a great deal of skill and know-how, so it takes a qualified and experienced lawyer to do the research. Because it depends on brands or brands, this is an essential step before clinging to a brand to the company or entity that wants to act. These are codified in accordance with the Viennese agreement, for more details, see the link below: The search for the brand helps us to determine three important things that are important before the submission and that are mentioned below: The brand is another way to refer to corporate or corporate brands or products or services. Although we don`t realize it, we take care of brands on a daily basis. Customers` purchasing decisions are based on the brands and the reputation associated with these brands. It is therefore very important to understand the need for a brand before entering a business. The brand acts as a means of communication that allows buyers to easily find the seller. The brand is an asset that never flows, which is an added benefit. Therefore, an interim trademark search prior to the trademark application is recommended.

With the help of Mark`s International Classification of Image Elements, a brand of devices is searched for the Viennese codification of the marks. If the trademark application consists of a device brand or logo, a Viennese code is assigned by the Trademark Office. The Viennese code is in principle assigned according to the type of element/logo corresponding. identification of the existence of insoculated marks already registered in the register of trademarks: identical or confusing marks similar to the proposed mark and brands phonetically similar or equal to the proposed mark. The provisional search of the trademark may in the future exclude the likelihood of objections or recourse against the trademark: opposition to the trademark register, infringement and opposition proceedings. The pre-search of the mark will also determine the strength of the mark to be judged, and if the mark is weak, then it is possible to modify the mark if significant branding efforts are not already undertaken with respect to the mark. The Vienna Convention, concluded in Vienna in 1973 and amended in 1985, provides for a classification (the Vienna classification) for trademarks containing or containing image elements.

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