Vehicle Rental Agreement Philippines

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The company reserves the right to immediately recover the vehicle in case of the tenant`s delay to one of the conditions, and all costs are covered by the tenant, the company has the right to remove the rented vehicle at any time and in any place if the tenant has not renewed the contract and has not paid the obligations. The main concern in the event of a car accident is the safety and well-being of all parties involved. Light your vehicle and photograph the situation no matter what. In the event of a dispute over this agreement, this car rental contract is interpreted by state law [STATE] and any arbitration action or procedure must be filed in the [COMTÉ] of the state [STATE]. If part of this agreement were to be declared unenforceable by a competent court, the rest of the agreement would continue to have its full effect and effect. LESSEE does not authorize the repair or replacement of parts of the vehicle without the prior contents of the LESSOR. LESSEE does not manipulate the vehicle`s mileage or speedometer, or otherwise alters the vehicle. LESSEE agrees to pay for all unauthorized repairs and parts. LESSEE agrees that there is no engine wash.

Serious motorcycles and low-power scooters (these are the same bikes, motorcycles, mopeds) are rented everywhere, especially in resorts. There are rental offices, hotels, rentals and merchants. To find a rental car, you can simply walk the streets or ask at the hotel reception. It is very convenient that on popular tourist islands often rent close to the docks, and offer to rent a motorbike, you will already be with the first steps after leaving the ferry. We reserve the right to refuse the booking if the tenant does not meet any of the requirements. The location may also refuse to rent to the customer if he or she or someone in his or her business/party behaves in an unacceptable manner, especially if they tend to be abusive and threaten the Avis employee who handles their requests or reservations. Responsibility Form: This is a form that applies to rental conditions and conditions with the commitments of the polluter/responsible for the accident, It is a must to sign the liability form if; and only if the tenant is not responsible for the accident in the party involved, he is there to take responsibility and not to run away. If the party involved in the accident assumes responsibility/responsibility for the accident in question, it is mandatory that there be insurance that covers all costs/fixations to bring the leased vehicle back to the original original as approved by LESSOR.

If the tenant/client of the rented vehicle is not the one responsible for the accident and the other party accepts all the debts, this automatically frees LESSEE from the responsibility for the payment of the above damages. If the accident is not the fault of the LESSEE, but the person responsible fled to the accident site/is not solvent/solveable, then all damage must be taken care of by LESSEE. The contract between the leased vehicle and the LESSEE is subject to strict rental conditions that take effect when LESSEE accepts the rented vehicle and signs the contract.

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