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Some have argued that the vast majority of legal vocabulary in the information age is worth little more than the pixels on which it is written. Referring to the British common law, they point out that a valid contract must, at least in theory, offer the opportunity to negotiate. End-user licensing agreements – the rules governing the use of software and even hardware, which was mainly purchased and paid for – are contrary to this legal principle. Terms of use are a legal document that protects the business and explains to consumers the rules for using the service, says Ray Walsh, a data protection lawyer at On the other hand, a privacy policy is a legal document that explains to users how their data is collected and used by the company and third parties or related companies. Keep in mind that if you click “I agree” on these documents, your consent is legally binding. Of course, Simplenote only has to cover a relatively simple text hosting and syncing service, while Apple covers a social gaming network, music, app and video memory, voice command service and an operating system. But it is clear that Simplenote really cares what an inexperienced user who lands on his site will see and has tried to make the document as clear and readable as possible. This is an agreement (the “agreement”) between you and Nintendo of America Inc. (with their affiliates, “Nintendo” or “us” or “our”) and provides important information about the access and use of this Nintendo video game console, its accessories, software (defined below) and all services available via this Nintendo video game console (the “console”). Every time I open my computer these days, another site wants me to accept its new terms of use (TOS). The European Union (EU), in particular its General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into force in May and strengthens data protection, is held responsible. TOSs are the embodiment of a document that has not been read for too long; They`re boring, technically, and they look like weeds.

Even people who have the legal skills to read them do not have the time. As an experiment, I decided to read the fine print for a week. Here`s my story. So why do we spend so much time ignoring the thousands of words from “end-user licensing agreements” (EULAs), if you prefer, to legally binding contracts that we approve every day? Is it possible to read the CGVs for everything a typical person does? Is it worth reading all this? The transfer of responsibility for the implementation of individuals is another part of the solution. That is where the real strength of the RGPD lies. Companies operating in the EU have a new set of audit and reporting obligations, and severe fines are imposed on those who do not comply with the rules. Europeans can be old-fashioned when it comes to paved roads, manual transmission and not screens on their windows, but in this case we should follow their example.

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